The Founders

Jimi Clark
BA (Anthrop. and Env. Sci.)

Environmental Specialist

Jimi completed his Bachelor of Arts (Anthropology and Environmental Science) degree at James Cook University in 2014. He has more than six years experience in zoos, wildlife management and Australian native wildlife care.

In addition to his Bachelors degree, and diverse international experience in environmental conservation projects and organisations. Jimi also holds a Diploma in Business Management, Diploma of Justice Administration and Diploma of Community Services. As a long-term professional in the Child Protection Sector. 

in Queensland, Jimi has extensive experience working with executive powers to maintain compliance with State legislation.

Additionally, as Jimirara grows, Jimi’s background and experience in business, managing people and projects, and training, ensures Jimirara will maintain high quality personnel and importantly, a high standard of care for wildlife.

Shakira Todd
BSc (Zoology)|
Environmental Scientist and Zoologist

Shakira completed her Bachelor of Science (Zoology) degree at James Cook University in 2010 and holds a Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management.

She has more than 13 years of experience in zoos, environmental management and conservation and land management.

Shakira has worked as a Zoologist, Park Ranger, Project Manager, Field Coordinator and Environmental Technician and Environmental Scientist in a variety of environmental science roles in north Queensland, Northern Territory and Victoria.

These roles allowed her to develop expertise in weed and pest control, revegetation, flora and fauna surveys, ecological burning, and wildlife relocation. Shakira’s core area of expertise is Zoology, and her extensive experience coordinating conservation projects has provided her with a strong understanding of the principles of conservation and natural resource management, and relevant local, state and federal environment legislation.

Shakira is also the consulting Zoologist for Australian Dingo Foundation and project manages the Working Dingoes Saving Wildlife Project.